“Exclusively connect[s] students with employees offering full-time, part-time, hourly, event based – you name-it-jobs all at the control of the student.”

By Lauren Zeien

The average college student is faced with many firsts, one of which (and probably the most major) is a new city & new way of life. For some students it’s a great way to fully dive into the college experience – for others it’s a nightmare. For millions of college students, they have to work to either pay for tuition or lifestyle needs. The ongoing challenge is to secure job that will be flexible, pay enough & be safe.


Enter Quadjobs – the job marketplace exclusively connecting students with employees offering full-time, part-time, hourly, event based – you name-it-jobs all at the control of the student. Yesterday, I sat down with co-founder, Bridie Loverro to hear all about it.


What motivated you to start Quadjobs? We saw a strange gap between colleges and their communities. You could live two blocks away from a wonderful college and find it challenging to hire a student for a short-term job or project, such as babysitting, helping at a party, moving a couch or passing out fliers. We wanted to unlock these local jobs for students who need extra income.


How does the process work? An employer posts a job on QuadJobs, including the date, hours, and compensation. This post immediately reaches all the college and graduate students near the employer who’ve expressed an interest in that category of work. The students apply for the job and the employer awards the job, through the site, to the student they wish to hire. QuadJobs tracks each job a student takes and gathers performance reviews from employers, creating the student’s “JobGPA.” When a student applies for a job, the employer sees their JobGPA and has immediate references from other employers in the community. Our site trades quickly — 94% of jobs receive multiple applicants within hours.


How do you make money? We’re free to students, and employers pay $8.95/month for unlimited posts.  [UPDATE: QuadJobs is now free to both employers and students!]


Where is Quadjobs available? We are growing quickly. Our largest student base is in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York City, Westchester County, Columbus OH, and Chicago.


Where is quad jobs HQ’d and why did you decide to have all female founders (powerhouse!)? Our office is in Greenwich, CT. We decided to work together because we felt we each brought something important to the table. Betsy had 18 years of finance experience and could structure and lead the business, Andra was a skilled recruiter who could connect with students and build the right team, Bridie had a strength in creating and marketing the brand.


Tips for students trying to secure a job based on Quadjobs? Just sign up! Once you do that, finding flexible jobs right outside your campus will be a snap. It’s exciting to watch it work, and to know that QuadJobs is already generating hundreds of jobs each week for hardworking students.


This article was originally published on Tech.Co on June 29, 2015.