Parents and students are facing tremendous uncertainty about the school year ahead of us.  Will students be able to safely return to school?  Will they be able to stay in school, or will circumstances change quickly?  If they’re home, will parents be able to handle the demands of guiding them in their at home learning?

We don’t have any of those answers, unfortunately, but we are watching families across the country turn to QuadJobs to supplement and support their children’s learning.  Many of our college students are home next fall, and they’re eager to help.  Here are some trends we’re seeing:

  1. Online tutoring.  Great for helping students organize their days, work through challenging assignments, or review fundamentals.
  2. Mask-wearing tutors.  Many families find that a few hours of help go a long way in helping their young students stay engaged and actively learning.
  3. Working together outside.  In many areas, it’s wonderful to be outside now through fall.  Have a QuadJobber work with your student in the shade or on a porch.  Maybe it’s simply reading a wonderful novel aloud to the kids as you get some work done.

One of the hidden benefits, besides academic development, is the connection young kids feel to a friendly college student helping them.  There tends to be far less struggle, and the work feels more enjoyable.

As we move together through these changing and challenging times, remember that you always have access to responsible, friendly, eager to help QuadJobbers.

QuadJobs is an online platform connecting college and graduate students to local jobs.  From Saturday night babysitting to moving a couch to helping a local business during a busy time, students find flexible jobs that fit into whatever free time they have. By streamlining the employment connection between campus and community, QuadJobs unlocks jobs particularly well-suited for students’ busy, often changing schedules.  The platform tracks every job a student takes and gathers performance reviews.  Small jobs matter—they help a student network, earn income, and build a track record of work experience.  Local employers can hire with efficiency and confidence.