By Julie Earle-Levine

Need extra elves for the holiday season?

Three business-savvy women know it, and are targeting busy New Yorkers with QuadJobs.

The Web site connects local employers with college and grad students who need extra work and can be hired to wrap presents, pick up toys from stores, prepare for parties and babysit.

Betsy O’Reilly, a former managing director at Deutsche Bank; Andra Newman, formerly head of recruitment at J. Crew; and Bridie Loverro, founder of Blue State Coffee, launched Quadjobs last year with an initial seed round of $750,000.

They are all mothers with children and say they realize the value of hiring local help to ease the holiday workload.

Users now book through the Web site, and next month they will be able to do it through an app.

The Greenwich, Conn.-based company’s pool of workers include students from Columbia, Barnard, NYU and FIT.

The co-founders say the holiday season spikes with differing needs on both sides of the marketplace — students need extra cash, and New Yorkers need extra help.

Right now they have 4,500 job postings, and say they are on track to create 10,000 job postings for students by year’s end.

They recently made it free to post to employers (previously it was $8.95 a month to subscribe and post unlimited jobs) and say this has led to a spike in job postings.

New York and the metropolitan area is their No. 1 market, but they have expanded to Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago and are targeting Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis and Atlanta in the next year.


This article was originally published on the New York Post on November 28, 2015.