Take a look at your to-do list… and chances are, there’s a lot you can get done by enlisting the help of a local college student looking for work!  This is a true win-win: College students love quick local jobs that fit easily into the schedules, and employers love how much they can get accomplished for a limited amount of money.  Here are some of the flexible, short-term jobs we’ve seen come through the QuadJobs platform over the years… hope they inspire you to get a bunch done yourself!

  1. Garage clean up.  This job seems to be on everyone’s list!  By hiring a local college student to help organize, move items, and bring donations to GoodWill, you can get this project done before lunch on a weekend… you’ll feel great!
  1. Seasonal yard work.  A few hours of weeding, moving or cleaning patio furniture, or raking leaves can change your whole season.  A great investment if your weeks are feeling busy.
  1. Children’s birthday parties.  Hire a local college student through QuadJobs, and you’ll have extra hands to keep your little guests happy and entertained.  He or she can paint faces, serve cake, take a family photo when the candles are blown out, and best of all, clean up.
  1. Holidays.  Whether it’s passing out candy at Halloween, addressing Christmas cards and wrapping gifts, or dressing up like an enormous Easter Bunny, hiring a student to help is a great way to make every holiday more fun for you and your family.  It doesn’t take many hours to make the difference!
  1. Moving furniture.  You know that daybed that you’d love to move from the 2nd floor to the basement?  Hire a local college student to take it downstairs.  It won’t cost much and your back will thank you.

How has QuadJobs helped you?  We’d love to hear your story!  Drop us a line at [email protected].

QuadJobs is an online platform connecting college and graduate students to local jobs.  From Saturday night babysitting to moving a couch to helping a local business during a busy time, students find flexible jobs that fit into whatever free time they have. By streamlining the employment connection between campus and community, QuadJobs unlocks jobs particularly well-suited for students’ busy, often changing schedules.  The platform tracks every job a student takes and gathers performance reviews.  Small jobs matter—they help a student network, earn income, and build a track record of work experience.  Local employers can hire with efficiency and confidence.